Legend of Kill Creek Woods – Now Available!

Legend of Kill Creek Woodslegend-cover 

Now available from Comet Press.

Somewhere out in the woods an otherworldly creature born of fire and hate lurks. When the beast emerges, lusting for blood, all that stands between it and the nearby town is a grief-stricken farmer. Supernatural ferocity meets backwoods ingenuity in a horror fable of good versus evil. 

“From start to conclusion, LEGEND OF KILL CREEK WOODS by Brett Williams is a pulse pounding, intense reading experience. Well written and at times insightful, this is some hellish fun fiction to stand up and howl for!” —Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and NOMADS 

A Comet Press Novella, approx. 75 printed pages.

Amazon link

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