Legend of Kill Creek Woods – Comet Press (novella)

Third Eye High – Comet Press Sex Files (novella)

“Shackjob” – Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (anthology novelette appears in Long Distance Drunks: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski)

High Octane Damnation – Comet Press (novella)

Family Business – Gallows Press (novel reprint)

Buddy – Zoe Books (self-published novella)

Club Nadir – Zoe Books (self-published novel)

“Raving Diseased” – Angelic Knight Publishing (anthology short story: Fifty Shades of Decay)

From Murky Depths – Gallows Press (novella)

“The Rot” – Delirium Books (anthology short story: Horrorwired Vol. 1)

“The Dancer at Brokkton Inn” – Hellfire Publishing (long fiction e-book)

“Back Pay” – Thuglit (anthology / e-zine)

“Through the Curtains” and “Through the Bars” – Pill Hill Press (anthology)

Bloodsuckers Must Die! – Zoe Books (self-published novella)


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