Third Eye High

Third Eye HighThird Eye High

Summer, along with the other flower children in the Stoker commune, want to spread peace and love across Mother Earth. Now, with the discovery of special magic mushrooms and the help of an eons-distant god, they have the ability to bring their goal to fruition. First they must pay homage to the god with chaos, blood, and murder, while protecting their karma by wearing the skin of the dead.

From the warped mind of Brett Williams comes THIRD EYE HIGH, an erotic Lovecraftian tale of helter fucking skelter, man. Pry open your third eye April 7th. A Comet Press SeXfile of monstrous proportions. What a trip!

Available April 7th from Comet Press SeXFiles.

Genres: Dark crime, weird, horror, monstrous, erotica

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